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We have only the finest remarks to make about our experiences with the HOUSH – The Home Energy ExpertsTM. Our initial consultation about our new furnace gave us all of the information we could possibly need to make a wise decision; the installation process happened exactly as we had been told – no hitches. We had the same experience with the duct cleaning they performed – they did exactly as they said they were going to do – no hitches. The men who installed the furnace and the ones who cleaned the ducts arrived on time and never stopped until they totally finished the job. They were efficient and professional, which includes, of course, being very respectful.

They maintained a thorough and careful work ethic all day long. Both jobs could have involved a mess, but that never happened; they kept everything quite clean. Finally, the technicians had quite pleasant personalities! They patiently answered all of our questions. We have already highly recommended both companies to our friends.

Sincerely, Tom and June Williams

I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas with your family. I wanted to pass on a great experience I had with two of your employees yesterday. Mindly and Adam. Tracy and I got back from Michigan around one in the afternoon to a house that was 51 degrees. I tried a couple of times to restart the furnace, but eventually decided that I needed to bring in the pros. Mindy was great on the phone and she was able to have Adam come out right away. He was fantastic.

Adam was very personable and professional, he checked out the furnace and zoomed in on the problem and then discussed the pros and cons of fixing a 16 year old furnace versus purchasing a new one. He definitely knew is product and was very honest in his assessment of our needs and the right product for us. In the end, we went with the higher end furnace based on how long we would be staying in our house and we also signed up for the maintenance plan so that we could take advantage of the 10% discount. Adam also explained the 1500 tax credit and the 200 rebate from Duke. I felt very good about our decision and the service I received. Adam also left us a space heater to use which came in very handy last night, that is great customer service.

Hopefully the furnace will be installed today and we will be nice and warm tonight, but I just wanted to pass along my great experience yesterday. For someone who has only been at your company for 5 months, he was incredible. He also spoke very highly of the company and his decision to join your organization…what a great attribute to Monroe.

Have a great New Year and thanks for the great service. Blessings,

Brian Bertke Director of Corporate, Family Programs

We cannot thank you enough for replacing our heating and Air Unit. We did not realize how badly our previous system was until you changed this out for us. We had so many problems previously, but you made it right. Your people were exemplary. You have no idea what you did for us. We are so thankful.

Charles Juke Breeden

Mindy, please let Steve and the entire HOUSH – The Home Energy ExpertsTM crew know we appreciate your thought fulness while our new system was being installed.

William Dale & Janet Hamson

I want to thank you and HOUSH – The Home Energy ExpertsTM for a job completely well done. I worked with Evan on Monday to see what the issue was with my AC system.

He was great to work with. He gave me a number of different options and I concluded that unit should be replaced. The job was done quickly and efficiently. My wife was at home the day the replacement took place had great things to say about the service men. Thankfully, I was at home and able to sleep comfortably the very next night.

Thank you for making this an easy situation and my complements on a good crew of people.

Jonathan M. Gibbs

My husband and I have been Housh customers since 1999, (then known as Monroe Mechanical Inc.) In all that time, we have never had a negative experience. The technicians always arrive promptly and are considerate of our time and belongings. When we have had problems with our have they always seem to find a way to work us in so we are uncomfortable for as short a time as possible.

Earlier this summer, when we needed to replace our heat pump, friendly asked us how many estimates we had done. Our response was simple, just one. House has always been fair to us in the past and most importantly we always feel completely safe and at ease with guys in the house.

If you are looking for quality workmanship, considerate and knowledgable technicians and a company that has proven longevity, then you want Housh in your home.

Patricia Lakomy