Heating Safety Tune-up & Inspection

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Keep Your Furnace at Peak Efficiency with an Annual Tune-Up – and Safeguard your Family with a FREE Carbon Monoxide Test. Tune-up your furnace and HOUSH – The Home Energy Experts™ guarantees you a 100% profit in energy savings plus you’ll receive a free carbon monoxide test.

A HOUSH – The Home Energy Experts™ trained service specialist will perform a 60-90-minute Furnace System Safety Tune-up & Inspection including the following 20 operations:

  1. Inspect for proper thermostat operation & calibrate if applicable.
  2. Inspect & record heating anticipator & adjust if applicable.
  3. Inspect & record filter size.
  4. Inspect & record blower motor data.
  5. Inspect blower motor belt if applicable.
  6. Inspect blower wheel.
  7. Inspect & clean burners & burner compartment.
  8. Inspect heat exchanger.
  9. Inspect electrical connections & tighten if necessary.
  10. Inspect low voltage wiring.
  11. Inspect safety controls operation.
  12. Inspect & test all condensate drain lines.
  13. Inspect pilot assembly and orifice.
  14. Inspect & test gas pressure and adjust if applicable
  15. Inspect & test gas value performance.
  16. Inspect & adjust combustion air if applicable.
  17. Inspect flame sensor & clean if applicable
  18. Inspect & record temperature rise.
  19. Inspect flue condition and test draft.
  20. Inspect & test fuel supply lines to the furnace for leaks.
  21. Inspect hot surface ignition if applicable.
  22. Inspect exposed duct condition.
  23. Inspect exposed duct work for energy loss.
  24. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  25. Carbon Monoxide – test air flow duct system for dangerous carbon monoxide
  26. Clean & wax exterior of the indoor unit.