Air Conditioning Safety Tune-up & Inspection

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Tune-up your air-conditioner and HOUSH – The Home Energy Experts™ will guarantee you a 100% profit in energy savings – or your money back!

A Trained HOUSH – The Home Energy Experts™ service specialist will perform a 60-90 minute Air Conditioning System Safety Tune-up & Inspection including the following 26 operations:

  1. Inspect for proper thermostat operation and calibrate if necessary
  2. Inspect & record refrigerant charge.
  3. Inspect & record superheat & sub-cooling
  4. Inspect electrical connections & tighten if necessary.
  5. Inspect contactor condition.
  6. Inspect safety controls in the condensing unit.
  7. Inspect & record compressor readings.
  8. Inspect condenser fan motor & lubricate if applicable.
  9. Inspect & record voltage and amperage of the condenser fan motor.
  10. Inspect defrost cycle, if applicable.
  11. Inspect & record temperature rise over condenser coil.
  12. Inspect & clean condenser coil.
  13. Inspect dual run capacitor.
  14. Inspect refrigerant line fittings at indoor coil and outdoor unit.
  15. Inspect & record air filter size.
  16. Inspect & record blower motor electrical data.
  17. Inspect & record blower motor capacitor.
  18. Inspect blower motor bearings & lubricate if applicable.
  19. Inspect blower motor belts if applicable.
  20. Inspect blower wheel.
  21. Inspect for & record proper temperature drop across evaporator coil.
  22. Inspect evaporator coil.
  23. Inspect & test condensate drain lines.
  24. Inspect exposed duct condition.
  25. Inspect exposed duct work for energy loss.
  26. Inspect, clean & wax exterior of the outdoor unit.