Humidity Solutions

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humidifierProtect your family and your home from the unhealthy and damaging effects of over-dry winter air:

  • Dry nose, cracked & itchy skin and sore throats
  • Aggravated allergy and asthma systems
  • Painful static shocks
  • Chipping paint and plaster
  • Splitting or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim and molding
  • Saves you money by feeling warmer at lower thermostat settings

What are the benefits of Whole House Humidification?Humidifier

  • Humidifying the home to proper moisture levels reduces the chance of colds
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Decreases static electricity
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces floors, furniture, walls and ceilings from cracking

If you are considering purchasing a new Humidification System for your home, contact us here or by phone 513-79-ENERGY (513-793-6374).


In the Ohio Valley Spring and Summer rain can create an abundance of humidity. A Whole House Dehumidifier can provide the following benefits:

  • Remove excess moisture from the air, delivering fresh, filtered air in the home
  • Less moisture in the home reduces the strain on your air conditioner and also allows you to set your thermostat higher to run your air conditioner less
  • Can remove moisture evenly throughout the entire home or focus specifically on problem areas