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Installation Guarantees

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    We guarantee that If you are not happy, for any reason, for two years from the date of your installation that we will fix your concern immediately for free or we will remove your equipment and refund your money with no questions asked.

  • Quality & Workmanship

    We guarantee that our workmanship will meet your satisfaction and will be free of any defects for 2 years from the date of your installation or we will fix it immediately for free to your satisfaction.

  • Best Value at the Lowest Cost

    We guarantee you the best value at the lowest cost to you, based on our detailed work specifications using comparable products, efficiency, installation quality standards, warranties and guarantees. Our price to you is the best value you can receive in the market as a direct, “Apples to Apples comparison” or we will match your comparison and give you 100 if you present a better offer, from a legitimate competitor, to us in writing.

  • Comfort Assurance

    We guarantee that when the home comfort system we installed is maintained by us and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance specifications, the systems will perform as we have stated. We promise to maintain a 70 degree temperature difference at the thermostat from the outside temperature in the heating season and to maintain a 20 temperature difference from the outside temperature in the cooling season.

Service Guarantees

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not 100% satisfied with our Safety Tune-Up and Inspection, we will return your 79, No Questions Asked.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If your system fails for any reason after we complete our pre season safety tune up and inspection, and we have to repair it we will refund every single penny of your pre season safety tune-up and inspection.

  • Repair Warranty

    Complete Parts and Labor Warranty on any repairs to your Heating or Cooling equipment

    Once your system has been repaired by one of our technicians, HOUSH – The Home Energy ExpertsTM will include a Complete one (1 year) Parts and Labor Warranty on that specific repair or repairs